Climate change in Mexico

Climate change poses unforeseen challenges for the population. The variety and magnitude of the impacts, the greater variability and global scope of the risks, demand to reconsider the link between the environment and household wellbeing.

Variations in temperature, precipitation, sea level and the occurrence of extreme events are some of the indicators that show how the climate of the planet is changing. Studies show that they affect health, food security, livelihoods and the ways in which we live.

Exposure to the impacts of climate change varies markedly in the territory, as well as the type and levels of risk. The effects of climate change are multiple, variable, and global in scope and therefore have a high potential to increase existing inequalities.

Understanding current and future inequality requires considering the effects of climate change on the well-being of the population, both in terms of differences in exposure to climate risks and in the ways in which existing social realities condition responses to them.

In this site we present research results and comment on future avenues of inquiry on these issues.

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